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    August 4 / 2006: The Quick-Change Artistry is a collaboration of Quick-Change Artists and was created at FISM 2006 Stockholm. We invite you to explore the following pages and get to know the art and culture of visual stage transformation.

    picture: Sos Petrosyan and Lex Schoppi in Stockholm at FISM

    The aim of the website is to bring up to date news of future and actual appearances of various Quick Change Artistes around the world, educational lectures (Quick Change, History of the Cinema and Chapeaugraphy are surprisingly often the subjects of many educational lectures in universities and other institutions) and related performances; to present the history of Quick Change and allied arts – namely “Chapeaugraphy” and “Shadowgraphy”; to bring together Quick Change Artistes from all corners of the earth to join in and contribute to the writings of the website and its related subjects.

    Another important aim of the website is to recognise Quick Change as a separate art from magic. Quick Change artistes for example cannot compete in any championships, or at the least they have to compete against illusionists. The art itself is in fact older however than many branches of magic.

    “Quick Change Artistry” is in its early days, but in the future promises to bring further articles on the history and development of the varied arts described therein, and information on the various Quick Change Artistes from both past and present.

    Readers are invited to explore the pages of the website and get to know the art and culture of visual stage transformation. All contributions are published in good faith.